Sunshine Orchard Children’s Home


Providing unconditional love and a hope for a brighter future!

Paul and Lena Adams, who are the founders of Sunshine Orchard and are the parents in the children’s home say this about their home; “Our Home is often referred to as a “children’s home” and it is, yet it’s not…it’s our home, enlarged to encompass children who have been orphaned, abandoned or neglected, the children are “adopted” into our home and hearts to be a part of our family, here they are no longer orphans or homeless”.

For eleven years, the Adams family have been caring for the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of Karen refugee children living near the Thai-Burma border, taking them into their home, as part of their family. Without the intervention that their home provide, some would have died, or grown up without parents, without an education, and with very little hope for the future. Through generous donors, such as you, they have been able to provide for the needs of these children. What can’t be easily measured however, is the unconditional sacrificial love that they seek to impart to these precious children each and every day, and the security to have a father, mother and family, and how that will impact them for eternity.

They earnestly seek to lead the children and youth to come to know a loving faithful heavenly Father; this is their most earnest endeavor.

“Our home isn’t perfect, but our home is sweet, because it’s filled with children, sweet because Jesus is “Immanuel God with us”

Karen History

The Karen are a unique ethnic minority in their traditionally high moral standards and their ancient legends which have been passed down. Some Christians believe them to be the lost tribe of Levi, Israelites who migrated after the captivity in Babylon to Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, India and Mongolia and on into China and Burma, about two thousand years ago.  (They have also gained the attention of the Mormons, who claim them to be a part of Mormon history and the book of Mormon.) We don’t know if any of the claim of their being Levites is true. But we do know that they have a history rich in legends passed down through generations– the story of the creator God, having two sons, the older Karen and younger white brother, who both received books with golden edges. The Karen lost their book while tending their fields, the chickens scratching it into pieces, and the white brother left across the wide ocean with his book. The legends said that one day he would return with the book on the ocean, riding on a white elephant, so when the first missionaries came, the Karen welcomed them as long lost family. During the British colonization, the Karen were placed in high position within army and government, which was not allowed for the Burman. During world war II, the Karen fought against the Japanese with the British, while the Burmese stood with the Japanese. The British had promised the Karen an independent state after the war, as they had settled the region a thousand years before the Burmese settled the land. But this promise was not filled and with the war ended and the British departed, the Burmese viewed the Karen as Christian dogs that needed to be removed from government and military positions. The most horrendous crimes took place against the Karen during the following seventy years, and military leaders were found stating that “one day, you will only see a Karen in a museum”.  An ethnic cleansing took place with the most cruel and savage methods of torture, rape and murder and a “ ‘four cuts’ counter-insurgency strategy that aims to cut off food, funds, intelligence and popular support” (www.asiatimes.com). Therefore the army has strategically been eliminating food supplies, killing livestock, burning whole villages, and laying landmines. 

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