Hmong Outreach Project

The Hmong people are a nomadic mountain-dwelling people from Southeast Asia. Their primary religion has aspects of shamanism, animism, and Buddhism.

Due to genocide declared on them, Hmong people have been resettled in America and many other countries like France, Canada, and Australia.

An Interesting Fact…

The Hmong written language was taken away in the 1700s under political Chinese oppression. In the 1950s, missionaries in Laos romanized the Hmong oral language, and this written form is widely used today.

Hmong Adventist History

In the mid 1950s, missionary pilot Dick Hall began flying into northern Laos from Thailand. He struck a friendship with Hmong people. Soon the first Adventist Church in Laos was formed. The Halls along with other missionaries decided to educate and train 12 Hmong boys to eventually become Adventist ministers. Due to the Vietnam War, the training school was relocated to Thailand. Even during the war, the Adventist message in northern Laos grew, with several dozen families converting to the faith by the end of the war.

The communist regime overtaking the country declared genocide on the Hmong people once America pulled her support from the war effort in 1975. Hundreds of thousands of Hmong fled to neighboring Thailand. Those who survived were placed into refugee camps awaiting help from relief agencies.

In 1978, the first Hmong Adventist family stepped foot on U.S. soil. Today, there are several hundred Hmong Adventists in America in six prominent locations.

Facts about the Hmong

  •   Most Hmong still live in China (48 million) but it’s difficult to determine exact amount
  •   Hmong people from Laos were resettled in America because they supported the U.S. in war. 300,000 currently reside in the United States
  •   Most Hmong Adventists live in Thailand (several thousand members) and they make up onethird of the Adventist Church there
  •   Some estimate about 30% of Hmong people in America are Christians, but few have heard of the Adventist message
  •   Hmong people have a communityoriented, patriarchal culture with 18 clans
  •   The two primary dialects outside China are: White & Green
  •   Hmong cultural clothing are very colorful and uniquely designed to communicate place of origin to others

Ministry Needs

Our immediate need is to raise funds for the Hmong version of the It Is Written Bible Study Guides. The entire set has been translated, but $25,000 is needed to print and distribute them around the world. These guides will be able to reach people in many places and they are the very first comprehensive Bible study guide set in the Hmong language 

Through the study guides, we hope to begin training and equipping our Hmong clergy and laymen both here and abroad. Eventually, we plan to begin a Hmong Bible Correspondence School for the Hmong community to connect with God’s Word.

Other projects to follow are:

  •   Hmong hymnals

  •   A more accurate translation of the Bible

  •   Children’s materials

  •   Translation of E.G. White writings

  •   Audio/video resources on health, doctrines, and testimonies

We sincerely appreciate your prayers, support, and donations. May God richly bless you!