Mountain Schools

Sunshine Orchard operates two mountain schools, these mountain schools are located in remote villages in a mountain region littered with landmines. Tee Gay Poe school: 4 teachers 45 students Baw Thaw Raw School: 6 Teachers 29 boarding students 70 students The Karen are today downtrodden, poverty stricken and their land is void of infrastructure such as medical facilities and educational institutions. Most live off the land and due to landmines are risking limb and life as they till the soil to grow rice and gather edibles for their families. These villages lack latrines and running water, there is no water purification and knowledge of sanitation is rare. Yet the Karen are a people who are courageous and who strive for democracy and equality, they persevere to gain peace and freedom from conflict. Again and again promises are broken and trust is ground into dirt. The giant Tatmadaw army seeks to gain control through the peace process and they are inching their way into the very heart of Karen State-The world don’t seem to notice this precious people, nor their nation, by right. The Karen people have been raided, tortured, massacred and violated in the most inhumane ways-They have no voice and their blood is crying out asking for justice… Sunshine Orchard answered the call to at least provide an education for these suffering and under privileged children and youth. May God touch our hearts with a fire and zeal to turn their pain into peace, their sorrow into joy, their suffering into a healing that can only come from God-Him turning their ashes into beauty. We count it a privilege to minister to these children affected by conflict, living in fear of the future, landmines, evil spirits, food shortage, sickness and death. These schools are staffed by graduates from sunshine Orchard. We are so grateful for them being willing to serve sacrificially in order to bring the love of Jesus and an education to disadvantaged children in rural primitive villages. There is much need in these schools with more funding and assistance we can bring these schools to a higher standard. And also reach the community with sanitation and medical assistance. We have already brought water to several villages through the means of tapping PVC pipe into remote mountain water sources

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Karen History

The Karen are a unique ethnic minority in their traditionally high moral standards and their ancient legends which have been passed down. Some Christians believe them to be the lost tribe of Levi, Israelites who migrated after the captivity in Babylon to Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, India and Mongolia and on into China and Burma, about two thousand years ago.  (They have also gained the attention of the Mormons, who claim them to be a part of Mormon history and the book of Mormon.) We don’t know if any of the claim of their being Levites is true. But we do know that they have a history rich in legends passed down through generations– the story of the creator God, having two sons, the older Karen and younger white brother, who both received books with golden edges. The Karen lost their book while tending their fields, the chickens scratching it into pieces, and the white brother left across the wide ocean with his book. The legends said that one day he would return with the book on the ocean, riding on a white elephant, so when the first missionaries came, the Karen welcomed them as long lost family. During the British colonization, the Karen were placed in high position within army and government, which was not allowed for the Burman. During world war II, the Karen fought against the Japanese with the British, while the Burmese stood with the Japanese. The British had promised the Karen an independent state after the war, as they had settled the region a thousand years before the Burmese settled the land. But this promise was not filled and with the war ended and the British departed, the Burmese viewed the Karen as Christian dogs that needed to be removed from government and military positions. The most horrendous crimes took place against the Karen during the following seventy years, and military leaders were found stating that “one day, you will only see a Karen in a museum”.  An ethnic cleansing took place with the most cruel and savage methods of torture, rape and murder and a “ ‘four cuts’ counter-insurgency strategy that aims to cut off food, funds, intelligence and popular support” (www.asiatimes.com). Therefore the army has strategically been eliminating food supplies, killing livestock, burning whole villages, and laying landmines.

We sincerely appreciate your prayers, support, and donations. May God richly bless you!